Record Store Day & Focus Wales

Hi all!

In the next couple of weeks we're playing a couple of local shows. First up is Record Store Day on 18th in Mold Daniel Owen Center, organised by VOD Music and ROPE. Should be a blast, and probably get into some vinyl related debt with the record fair downstairs all day.

Then it's on to Focus Wales in Wrexham the next week 22-25 April ( which has become an amazing and well respected music industry event in the UK, and even internationally with bands travelling from all over the bloody shop. We're really excited to be playing the Saturday in Central Station at 4.30pm.

We *think* this will be the set list (give or take) incase you get to wondering, we will update it after playing the shows. It's got a few brand new songs in there as well as a couple from the new album:

  • Colour TV
  • The Amazing Mechanical Owl
  • Cruel as this
  • Snowdonia
  • Birds Above Parades
  • 90s Music Died (but we're still alive)
  • R.A.F