Winter Songs Album Launch!

This weekend we launched the new album on "drum with our hands" by playing all the tracks in order at UnDegUn art space in Wrexham. It's been a long time coming, and I honestly didn't think it would ever happen a few years back. Since then it's become obvious that it doesn't really matter one way or the other, so you might as well just put yourself out there and see what happens. Anyway, a huge thank you to everyone there supporting us, it was a small room it was amazing we managed to sell out, thank you.

Dominic Dean from Leeds played some sweet and dark ambient electronic music, great start to the night, very glad he could make it.

It was a first gig, so nerves were fairly high, and for Andy and Mei it was their first live gig EVER, but they rocked it. I had my usual panic attack after the show, but you don't want to hear about that.

Also big thanks to Baby Brave for coming and DJing at the end (sorry you guys didn't get very long). Thanks Tim McIver and Rob for doing the sound and to all at THIS project for the use of the space, setting up a bar, lights and generally being awesome.

Here is to more gigs and more recordings. Already started on the next album, it's going to reflect the band as we are now, and choruses, it's going to have some of those too, lots!